The Shrine 12/23/10 (Part Two)
December 24, 2010 06:38 AM PST
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On this episode of The Shrine, the listeners are blessed with the presence of a man who is not only the Hip Hop group Public Enemy's minister of information but also one of Hip Hop kulture's ministers of information, that man being Professor Griff.  Many members of Hip Hop kulture know that Professor Griff is no stranger to social confrontations with those that feel threatened or at least disturbed by his message and teachings.  In 2010 things apparently haven't changed with regard to this reality and Professor Griff visits The Shrine to set the record straight in an attempt to move the kulture forward.

In his discussion with 4th Wurld Professor Griff discusses his lifelong encounter with potential conscious or subconsciously determined members of Amerikka's "Counter-intelligence Program" (COINTELPRO).  Recently Professor Griff was highlighted in an expose entitled "Hip Hop, the Hidden Hand, and the Degradation of Black Masculinity" created by musician, film maker, and radio show host Lenon Honor, and in this expose Honor proposes that Professor Griff along with Public Enemy are "puppet[s] of the entertainment industry and the ruling elite, [and an] analysis of their musical content [proves this] via [the] subliminal programming / Neuro-Linguistic Programming [of songs such as] "Fight the power."  Other proposals of Honor's include the suggestion that Boogie Down Production's own KRS-One is a pedophile for "dissing" Roxanne Shante while playing the dozens against MC Shan  in "The Bridge Is Over," and he even suggests that Professor Griff's song "Blackdraft" promotes anal sex between two men.  Hear the 80 minute discussion between Professor Griff and DJ 4th Wurld along with the songs "Pawns In The Game" and "Blackdraft" to make your own assessment of the meanings of these two songs.

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